HI, I’m Chelsea; owner and lead photographer of toujours. My background is in commercial photography with a focus on editorial, beauty, and fashion, but I have a love affair with love. The goal of toujours is to blend modern romance with classic glamour by creating photos you and your partner will always treasure.

In French, toujours translates to always. Ever since I first visited Paris in 2005 and fell in love with the city and culture, that word has stuck with me. It just seems so perfect for what I am trying to capture and how I want my couples to feel when they look at my work. These are memories you can look back on and cherish forever and I will always do whatever it takes to make those shots happen.


Paris, France 2019

Paris, France 2019


oh hello there!

Hall Of Mirrors, Palace Of Versailles


On your wedding day, I am more than just your photographer. I’m the person that's going to make sure you've sipped water. I'm going to fix your tie or hold your dress so it doesn't get dirty. I'm going to pull you and your partner away from everything to make sure you both have a second to be alone and breath. Your wedding day goes by in a flash ( pun intended ) and it can be easy to miss those little moments. Sometimes you don't even get a second to hold your lover, stare into their eyes, and say ”OMFG WE’RE MARRIED!” and really, that’s the whole point. You and your partner are the priority. My goal is to let you be able to live in the moment when it matters and then relive those moments always.


North Carolina Based // Available For Travel Worldwide