Love in the City a Downtown Greensboro NC Engagement Session


Mary + Mason

Engagement Session

Love in the City.

Mary and Mason got engaged this past Valentine’s day after doing long distances for a couple of years. Mary started following me on Instagram not long after that and entered my engagement session giveaway this past Spring and this was her entry “My fiancé and I are currently long distance. He told me that he had sent me a gift for Valentine’s Day and to keep an eye out for a delivery. When I got home from work I texted him to tell him that the package hadn’t arrived yet. He told me that’s ok...he knew it’d arrive soon. Then my doorbell rang. I opened the door and there he was on one knee. I immediately burst into (happy) tears. It was the perfect surprise!” We waited until September for the shoot since Mason was still living outside NC, and I’m so glad we did. It was such a fun session to photograph them both in their new town where they finally get to be together. No more long distance!

We ventured through parts of downtown Greensboro and the evening golden light pouring through the building was to die for (in my opinion). It was nice to shoot something in my hometown in a place I was very familiar with (downtown) and it was a nice change of pace from fields and flowers (which I love, but you gotta change it up now and then to keep your work fresh).

I seriously had SUCH a great time with these two and I cannot wait to work with them again. Here’s what Mary had to say about her experience

Chelsea is an amazing photographer and an absolute dream to work with! We were incredibly lucky to win an engagement session from her. She was so easy to talk with and just be ourselves in front of. My fiance and I showed up completely unprepared without any real ideas and she was great at suggesting things that would (and did) look amazing. She was also totally open to any suggestions we might have. Overall I’m not the biggest fan of having my pictures taken, but she made it effortless. She really captured our personalities while still making us look amazing. I definitely want to work with her again and again in the future.
— Mary Smith
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