Wyches Do Come True - North Carolina Wedding


Sherry + Alyson

real wedding

Ahh, l’amour…

I truly love love and was SO pumped with my fellow photographer friend Carrie asked me to second shoot a wedding with her on April 20th of this year. I didn’t know anything about the couple, had never met them, hadn’t been to the venue before, but gracious sakes this wedding was a BLAST!

Sherry and Alyson are two of THE MOST kind and caring people I’ve had the pleasure of photographing and I know I say that a lot (all my couples heckin rule!), but I truly mean it. They were so kind and welcoming to me one of their most important days - and I was a total stranger. Their wedding was full of little personal touches that made my heart melt. Like Alyson’s NINTY THREE YEAR OLD GRANDMA MADE THEIR WEDDING CAKE. Let me repeat that incase you missed it. Alyson’s 93 year old Grandmother made their precious (and tasty as magic) wedding cake. Besides my birthday cake from last year, it was the best damn cake i’ve ever eaten. I could keep taking about that cake for hours, so I’ll move on… but really, how does one beat that? OH, I know. by it being rainy and cold ALL DAY until literally 2 minutes before their ceremony and sun decided to come out in full force to make the day perfect.

I can not thank Sherry, Alyson, and their main photographer Carrie enough for allowing me to be apart of such a magical and beautiful day. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.

XO - Chelsea