Sunrise at the Salt Flats in Salt Lake City, Utah



Ah, young love.

Rachael + Colby are two souls I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing during my trip to Salt Lake City, Utah this past August (yeah I know, I’m totally back logging blog posts I should have done ages ago) on my way to Wyoming for a wedding. My best friend Skyler found Rachael through Instagram hashtags when our model fell through. Rachael asked if she could bring her *guy model friend* and we said “YAS PLZ!” Little did we know Rachael and Colby had JUST officially started dating but hadn’t told anyone. So I got to (along with Skyler) photograph the beginning of their relationship which was SUCH an honor.

These two heckin babes met two total strangers at 5 am to drive an hour into the middle of nowhere to get their pictures taken on the Salt Flats at sunrise. Like, IDK about you but that is magical and amazing and I love them for it.

XO - Chelsea

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