Garden Engagement Session in Winston Salem, NC



engagement session

I have known Janice for around 5 years now. Back in September of 2014 (on my birthday, actually) I photographed her older sister’s wedding and Janice was my point of contact who helped book me. We hit it off really well (I love her whole family), and she told me on her sister’s wedding day that if she ever got married she was going to hire me no matter what.

Y’all, here we are FIVE YEARS LATER and she’s booked me for her wedding this coming December. I could honestly cry. Clients like this are a dream come true for me, in all honesty. I’m so grateful and thankful for people like Janice and her fiancé Darryl. During their engagement session this past Saturday Janice had told me she had given up on love and within a few days/weeks of that she connected with Darryl on a dating app and they instantly had a connection. Digital age romance FOR THE WIN, y’all.

Anywho, I’m super pumped for this union. Janice and Darryl are such sweet souls and I’m so grateful I get to be a part of their wedding.



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