For Wall Our Days - NC engagement session


Melanie + Blake

engagement session

To me, the universe is a magical force that brings people together for the right reasons. In this case, not only did it bring Melanie + Blake together, but them to me through a whirlwind of fortune.

When Melanie was in undergrad she met and befriended my sweet client Sam Beasley (who got married this past August in Wyoming) and because of that wedding I was able to shoot Melanie found me. Come to find out Melanie is marring a twin (Blake) and my darling friend Anne-Christian just married the other (Ethan)! We didn’t even know we had this connection when we started emailing back and forth which made it all the more exciting. Kismet, I tell you.

I just think things like this are magical and beautiful and I am SO grateful that this is what I get to do for a living. My heart was so full during Melanie + Blake’s session and I cannot wait for their wedding in May. It’s going to be beautiful. #ForWallOurDays



Chelsea Clayton