toujours is French for *always*


I've never been the best at this whole blogging thing and I don't expect to be a whole lot better about it now, but dangnabit, I am going to try.

For those of you who don't know me - Hi, I'm Chelsea. I am a beauty & fashion photographer who also shoots weddings (& much, much more!!!!!!) located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I'm a North Carolina Native and I've been professionally shooting for 5 years and I love every minute of it. Photography isn't just something I do on the side - it's the whole reason I exist in this world. It is my hearts true desire.

I attended Randolph Community College (in Asheboro, NC) with a concentration in commercial photography. I know what you're thinking - "a community college? yikes" but RCC (if you've never heard of it) has an impeccable reputation for its photographic technology program (we're in the top 10 in the whole country) and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is serious about taking their craft to the next level. I cannot tell you what an amazing experience going to that school was for me other than it was life changing.

But anywho!

My hope is that this little blog will give you a better insight into my life & my work. I want this to be a nice combination of both and hopefully I'm not boring (fingers crossed) and you'll keep coming back to me for each post. So, to conclude my little intro post, welcome to my life. I look forward to what is to come.




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